Worship is anything that reminds us that God is all around us all the time. As a community, we choose to use music as one of the tools to create worship environments; environments where people feel safe and willing to connect to God.

If you are a musician and you have a desire to use that gifting to help disarm and disrupt people and allow them to connect to God, the Worship Team may be a perfect fit!

We are looking for people proficient at any instrument (including voice) that are willing to participate in a challenging, demanding, and rewarding environment with a group of like-minded friends and musicians.

Band, Worship
Posted 6 months ago

The position responsible for adding color and drive to nearly every song we do! Electric guitar often carries melodies in instrumental sections, and is one of the most nuanced and characteristic instrument. Electric guitarists will get the chance to learn and play challenging guitar parts across multiple genres. Requirements: Must own your own equipment (Guitar, […]

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